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April 27th, 2024

Rachel Clift:
Voices in Giant Cities 

Who Are We

We are excited to welcome Rachel Clift to Addison's, on April 27th at 12pm, as she launches her seventh full collection of poetry, Voices in Giant Cities. Rachel will be offering book signings in tandem with performing her street poetry. Her street poetry will consist of customers coming up and giving a topic in which she will then take 3-5 minutes to write a poem on her typewriter! 

Please join us on April 27th, starting at 12pm, to celebrate Rachel Clift's new collection of poetry, Voices in Giant Cities. 



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Voices in Giant Cities is a book for those who've ever felt like they don't belong— in an unfamiliar place or room of strangers, in the arms of someone breaking their heart, in the depths of their own mind.

From R. Clift, comes her seventh full collection of poetry. Voices in Giant Cities is a book of poems written on location around the world. R. Clift traveled to six giant cities to notice them, to capture them, to better understand them. To claim moments from each city as her own, to allow them to be her muse. To learn how to love them— and the most secretive parts of herself— piece by piece, poem by poem.


Travel through the eyes of an artist to see New York City, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, Edinburgh, and London in a way you have likely never experienced before. Relive iconic locations, discover hidden gems, and carry this book with you the next time you visit one of these cities- and maybe, just maybe— you will see them in a way a poet once did.

Author Bio:

Rachel Clift is a 28-year-old writer, traveler, photographer, & artist based in the mountains of East Tennessee in the United States. 

She began this journey of writing poetry in 2017 and has published seven books, two anthologies, and a guided poetry prompt journal since the summer of 2019. 

In the writing world, she is known as R. Clift & The Constellation Poet. More than anything, she longs to inspire people— in some way, somehow, to love who they are and live life courageously.

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