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June 13th, 3-6pm

Book Launch

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The Physics of Why by Saleh Shahid

Join author Saleh Shahid as he debut's his first novel, The Physics of Why. 


Saleh R Shahid is thrilled to announce his contribution to the rich literary scene in
Knoxville’s growing arts community. Described as a “complex literary sci fi,” The
Physics of Why draws from Dr. Shahid’s experience as a physician and as the son of
a mixed marriage and competing cultures, as well as his faith, humor and passions.
The idea for this unique story, his debut novel, was born in 2017 and took form over
the next six years. It reached completion in August 2023, and spent the several
months since then in editing. It is scheduled for publication on June 15.

When asked to explain his story, Shahid replied with questions. “If you loved
someone in a past life,” he asked, “would you love them again in this one? What
about the next one? If so, then why?” Shahid went on to explain that The Physics of
Why addresses these questions and others by telling three different stories about
two people whose destinies cross paths again and again.


About the Author:

Shahid was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts to a Pakistani father and American
mother.  He grew up in the 70’s and 80’s in Brockton, Mass.  He attended U. South
Florida for undergraduate studies and earned his M.D. from St. George University in
Grenada, West Indies.  He lives in Knoxville, TN with Paula, his wife of 25 years. 
They have three children.

When: Thursday, June 13th 3-6pm

Where: Addison's Bookstore | 126 S Gay Street

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